Terms & Conditions of Relationship Counselling with 7 Swans Therapy

All clients must be 18 years or over to use the services of 7 Swans Therapy.

Sessions are available via video-link (teletherapy) and telephone only, arranged at a regular time each week.


7 Swans Therapy offers private and confidential counselling support.

Information provided is not shared or discussed with anyone outside of the company, other than in clinical supervision.

In instances where someone, particularly a child, is considered at risk of harm from themselves or others, this confidentially guideline would be lifted and a disclosure may be necessary.

Clients attending teletherapy agree to arrange sessions in confidential settings, where they will not be overheard or interrupted.


In light of all our attempts to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus sessions are only available online via video and telephone.

It is important that clients are resilient enough to engage in relationship counselling. As relationship counselling can be challenging, it is important that clients are in good mental health to engage in the process.

It may be appropriate to offer a referral to a mental health professional in instances where assessments bring up concerns about a client’s wellbeing.

Where clients are affected by or responsible for behaviours that are considered violent or abusive, it would not always be considered safe to engage in relationship therapy.

Your counsellor has the right to cease counselling if conduct of the client or client material is considered inappropriate.


Initial sessions are an opportunity for assessment, to explore suitability for future sessions.

Any information provided will be stored confidentially and securely.

It will not be possible to engage in therapy unless clients are able to attend regular sessions in suitable confidential settings for therapy.

Your counsellor reserves the right to refuse relationship counselling, or bring sessions to a close, if it is felt that what is needed sits outside the limits of their competency or would be unbeneficial or not constructive.


Being on time for an appointment is important as very often there will be no room for additional time given the arrangements with other clients.


Appointment arrangements are only confirmed once payment has been received.

There is a cancellation requirement of 48 hours. Payment will not be reimbursed if this notice of change or cancellation is not received prior to an appointment.

Mobile Phones

Please switch off all mobile phones or turn them to silence during sessions, to avoid disturbance and distraction.

Session Recording

It is not permitted to record sessions without prior permission. Any attempt to do so will result in therapy ending.

Re-distribution or publication of session material is strictly prohibited without prior consent.

Out of Hours Contact

Boundaries are in place to avoid sessional work outside the allotted time. For immediate help and support call 111 and ask for Crisis Support or contact The Samaritans on 116 123.